Mike's Cleaning Services

Mike's Cleaning Services

Mike’s Cleaning Services offers the latest in Carpet cleaning technology.

At Mike’s Cleaning Service, we use both the Ashbys Ninja and Mini Air Flex hot water extraction machines, as well as the encap process with pads or brushes. We understand that every carpet requires a unique approach, and we assess the condition and type of carpet before recommending the most effective cleaning method.

Our team of trained professionals ensures that the deodoriser is added to the chemical mix on the hot water system during the encap process to give carpets a fresh and clean scent. We take pride in our carpet cleaning services, and we strive to deliver exceptional results that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Address: 25 Margaret St, Treorchy CF42 5LS, United Kingdom
Mobile: 07709 532028
Email Address: info@mikes-cleaningservices.co.uk
Website: https://mikes-cleaningservices.co.uk/

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